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Reflecting on Summer

Reflecting on Summer

This week marks the official start of fall but here in New York, we've felt the burn of summer fading over the last couple of weeks. Even with some lingering 80 degree beach days, the days are getting shorter and heat doesn't hang in the air once the sun goes down. 

The end of summer always brings mixed emotions for me--I'm both sad to see my favorite season, with all its heat and energy, fade, but I'm also happy to turn inwards a bit, to get back to the things that seem to shift to the back burner when you're going for drinks or dinner every night and hitting the road every weekend. 

But, since a busy summer resulted in some [inexcusable] neglect of Weekend Wanderer, I want to take a minute to look back on what was a beautiful, sunny season of long days on the beach, weekend road trips with the best of friends, afternoons spent wandering neighborhoods near and far from home, and more moments of pure contentment than I can count. Summer is the season of being in the moment, which can make sitting down to reflect (even in the form of a blog post!) more challenging than usual. But lucky for me, we're moving into a season of reflection, so I'll be here--reflecting, sharing, and cooking up new ways to spend the coming weekends. 

On that note, let's remember the past few months.

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